18 True Romantic Stories That’ll Make You love stories articles Believe in Love
More than three decades after they first dated, two high school sweethearts reconnected—thanks to LinkedIn. In the fall of 2012, Terry Farley—who had gotten divorced a couple years earlier—happened upon the profile of her first boyfriend, Steve Downey. She clicked on it, but was hesitant to message him. She told NPR , "I was not going to be the old girlfriend that popped out of nowhere and said 'Remember me?'" But a month later, when Downey was looking at his LinkedIn page, he noticed Farley's name in the section that tells you who has been looking at your profile. Downey wrote her a quick message, which turned into phone calls, which turned into an invitation to visit Farley at her home in Tallahassee, Florida. "I didn't see anything except my first love, my first crush," she told Today . "It felt like we were picking up where we left off." Eventually, Downey moved to Tallahassee, and in 2015, they tied the knot. This Christmas was Barbara Shackleford's first one without her high school sweetheart, Robert, who passed away in May after 59 years of marriage. But she still felt his warmth, thanks to a special surprise from her family: the love letters she and Robert exchanged in 1962 while in college. "She had no idea he kept the letters and it really brought back a lot of memories of her early years loving him," Shackleford's granddaughter told Today . "She said it was the best gift she could have asked for." Talk about an encore! On December 27, Matthew Pomeroy, who plays the title character in a British production of Aladdin , proposed to his girlfriend, Natasha Lamb, who plays Jasmine, just after taking their final bows. "For the last four years, you have changed my life," he told Lamb before pulling out a shining, shimmering, splendid ring. "I love you with all my heart. You're my best friend, and if you'd let me, I want to be your husband." Most wedding-planning checklists include picking a dress, finding a venue, and booking a photographer. Liz Shoesmith's also included learning how to sign the lyrics to one of her favorite songs. Instead of the traditional walk down the aisle, the Australian bride surprised her husband, who is deaf, by signing the words to Christina Perri's hit song, "A Thousand Years" as she walked towards him. "Every time I had practiced it leading up to the day I would make mistakes or go blank," she told Inside Edition . "But when I was left at the top of the aisle and locked eyes with Scott, I didn’t look away. It honestly felt like we were the only ones in the room." Become an Oprah Insider Sign In My Account Sign Out Type keyword to search Our editors handpick the products that we feature. We may earn commission from the links on this page. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Matthew Pomeroy | The Conjuror More than a decade after using an anonymous sperm donor to start a family, Jessica Share met her daughter's biological father—and fell in love with him. In 2016, Share's daughter, Alice Mikell, asked her grandmother for a 23andMe kit to look into her genealogy. When the results came back eight weeks later, Aaron Long was listed as a 50 percent parental match. Mikell and Share connected with Long, and eventually, the two parents decided to meet. "When we met in person, the attraction seemed harder for either of us to deny," Long told Good Morning America . Share, though, had reservations: "This was not my relationship or my journey to jump into and mess up forever," she said in the same interview. Now, two and a half years later, Share, Long, and Mikell live together in Seattle, along with Long's 22-year-old daughter Madi, who he also had through sperm donation. "A few people have called us some sort of new Brady Bunch ," Share told People . "I think thinks it’s kind of funny that everybody thinks it’s a big deal."
Of course The Notebook , Titanic , and When Harry Met Sally all have a special place in our heart . But you know what we adore even more than these classic rom-coms ? Tales of love that are actually real . In anticipation of Cupid's favorite holiday , we’ve rounded up the most touching and tear-jerking true romantic stories that are sweeter than anything you'll find in a Valentine's Day movie . So, while you're stressing about scoring the perfect gift for him , her, and everyone in between , let these tender accounts, stripped from actual headlines, remind you what February 14 is actually about...besides chocolate. Two and a half years ago, Jillian Hanson was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Knowing she would face a tough battle ahead, she offered her boyfriend, Max Allegretti, an "out" before things got too intense. But Allegretti didn't flinch, and instead stayed by her side during two years of aggressive treatment. "They tell you how sick you get during treatment, but no one can really prepare you for any of this," Hanson wrote in a personal essay . "He took care of me everyday and reminded me how beautiful I was." On her last day of chemo, Allegretti knew exactly how he wanted to celebrate: By asking Hanson to marry him. "I wasn't expecting it," she told Good Morning America . "That was the ultimate high—getting engaged brought great light to me after a really dark spot." Wedding proposal in aisle three! Last year, Sidd Sinha proposed to his girlfriend, Melanie Diaz at the Trader Joe's in New York City's Upper West Side. Sinha concocted the elaborate plan, which included a made-up "millennial grocery tour" featuring special signs that were symbolic of their relationship. "She's made it perfectly clear that Trader Joe's is her favorite grocery store, so I knew if I went that route I had to do it there," Sinha told Good Morning America . The final stop on the tour? The sample station, where an employee was passing out chocolate-covered almonds. Inside Diaz's cup, though, was an engagement ring. A dream come true, indeed! Warning: You will need tissues. love stories articles And maybe chocolate. After a magical proposal, Lee Loechler and Sthuthi David are destined to live happily ever after. When Loechler took David to a packed theater to see her favorite movie, Sleeping Beauty, she thought it was just a typical date night—but it was actually a cinematic event six months in the making. Loechler, a filmmaker, had spent half a year altering the animation of the film's iconic kissing scene, changing both the characters and the storyline . She said yes, and now the fairytale continues. When Camre Curto gave birth to her son, Gavin, she suffered a stroke and a seizure, which caused her to be placed in a medically induced coma. When she awoke, both her long-term and short-term memory were gone, and she did not know who she or her family was. A few months later, she still didn't remember her husband, Steve. "We were sitting on the couch and she told me, 'I don't who you are but I know I love you,'" he recalled to People . Those words inspired Steve to write a book—called But I Know I Love You —that would help Camre remember their 10-year love story, recounting everything from their very first date to their wedding to the birth of their son. It's working, and today, Camre knows and remembers Gavin and Steve. In July 2018, Sunette Thompson and her then fiancée, Lisa Wyatt, traveled to New Orleans for a few fun-filled days at Essence Festival. But unbeknownst to Wyatt, there was a much bigger event on that weekend's agenda: their wedding. On the morning of July 8, 2018—which was also the couple's 10th anniversary—Wyatt served Thompson breakfast in bed and told her to change into the tux hanging in the closet. Once Wyatt was dressed, she was blindfolded and taken down to the hotel's courtyard, where more than 100 of the couples' friends and families had gathered. "Needless to say, I was completely overwhelmed!" Wyatt told Essence Magazine . "As I surveyed the audience, I cried profusely…the ugly cry!" Anne and Bill Duncan are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. But unlike most couples going through this new and exciting stage, the Duncans are married—and have been for 12 years. After living with dementia for nearly a decade, Bill started having trouble recognizing and remembering Anne. When he asked her to marry him , Anne said yes. Two days later, the happy couple celebrated their second wedding surrounded by friends and family. "It was wonderful," Anne posted on Facebook. "And what's even more amazing is two weeks later, Bill still thinks he's just married his new girlfriend and it makes him very happy." So, something special happened at the end of tonight’s performance of #Aladdin ..... @matthewmagician @Natasha_onstage pic.twitter.com/PsL9TbABF7 For more ways to live your best life plus all things Oprah, sign up for our newsletter! What are the chances of two people planning a proposal on the same day, at the same time, and without the other knowing? Probably pretty small—but that's precisely what happened for Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade. 18 True Romantic Stories That'll Make You love stories articles Believe in Love
18 True Romantic Stories That'll Make You love stories articles Believe in Love
View this post on Instagram A post shared by Lee Loechler Need proof that true love is worth the wait? Dominic Spence and Nick Gilyard met while they were teenagers in high school, but lost touch when they headed in different directions for college: Spence attended the University of Central Florida in Orlando, while Gilyard went to college in Kentucky. They reconnected, though, when Gilyard helped a friend move into her dorm in Orlando and asked Dominic to dinner. "That night we talked for 4 hours and shut down the restaurant," Gilyard said in an Instagram post . They started dating long-distance—for the next seven years. In 2015, Spence and Gilyard got engaged during a trip to London and nearly two years later, they were married. "Dominic and I feel lucky to have found love at such a young age. However, falling in love with another black man was scary in ways neither of us could have ever imagined. It forced us to face the very real resistance from society for being not only homosexuals but black men as well," Gilyard said in the same Instagram post. "We hope to encourage other black and brown men and boys everywhere to be true to who they are. And when they find love in each other's eyes, to know that their love is just as strong and beautiful as anyone else's." As a young girl, Ana Stanowick's mom, Jodi, would often bring home a new coffee mug to add to her collection—despite her then-husband's angry protests. When the couple divorced five years ago, Jodi and her massive collection were ready to find a new man. Enter Brad Davis, who pulled off the ultimate public display of affection when he built Jodi a custom, ceiling-high shelf for her beloved coffee cups, just before moving in together. "I wanted to do this for Jodi so that she could enjoy all of the mugs every day instead of just drinking out of one each day," Davis told Today . We'll raise a glass mug to that! View this post on Instagram A post shared by New Orleans Wedding Photog Bob Harvey first met Annette Adkins during study hall in 1955—and was immediately smitten. "I couldn’t take my eyes off her," Harvey told the New York Times . "She had auburn hair and a stunningly beautiful face and her eyes were just, wow." The two teens ended up going to prom together, but as many young relationships go, they lost touch after high school and married other people. Harvey never forgot about Adkins, though. In 2017, after his wife died, he searched for Adkins on Google and discovered she had also become widowed. He sent her a card with his phone number and after chatting for a bit, Harvey drove 500 miles to visit her, stopping only for gas and a bouquet of carnations. "I handed her the flowers, and then I cupped her face in my hand and said, 'Whether you like it or not, I’m going to kiss you,'" he recalled. In October, the high school sweethearts married at a '50s-style diner and danced to Johnny Mathis—just like they did at prom 63 years earlier. If there's a story that proves true love stands the test of time, it's this one. In 1944, 24-year-old K.T. Robbins met 18-year-old Jeanine Ganaye while he was stationed in Briely, France, and over the next three months, the two fell in love. But their courtship came to a crashing halt when Robbins was transferred to fight on the Eastern Front during World War II. After the war, Robbins went home to Memphis and got married to another woman. Back in France, Gayane, now Pierson, also moved on with her life. Fast forward to 2019 when Robbins returned to France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day and was interviewed by journalists from the television station France 2 about his World War II experience. The reporters helped Robbins track down Pierson, and the two long lost lovers, both 92, reunited in the French nursing home where Pierson lives. "I always loved you," Robbins told her as they embraced. "You never got out of my heart." After spending a couple of hours together, the two had to say goodbye—but they vowed to meet again soon. In February 2018, the pair was playing a game of Pictionary at Cade's parents' house in Seattle, and as Cade tried to draw the phrase "Will you marry me?" cyber bullying stories news articles