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rock star. That turned out to be closer 
to the truth than I ever imagined.
Newlyweds Terry and Jim Orcutt created honeymoon memories on vacation in Maine during the 1970s. Don't worry: It still ended happily ever after. The way this woman fell for her handsome, guitar-playing British neighbor is so relatable—and adorable. According to these truly epic tales of romance, one way to find a love that lasts in summer is to... This couple's "every-other-year" anniversary rule is the best idea ever. Sign Up for Our Newsletters True Stories Love Stories Was it that shy glance, the clever line—or an offer to fix a clogged sink? As our readers’ stories attest,... Grandpa told Breanna that her wedding in the village was a dream come true. From stories of playground crushes to smooth-talking bad boys, members of the Reader's Digest contributor network tell us all about... Carl and I have been married 65 years, and he still lives up to the list. When this couple first met, he insisted he was going to marry her. A lovesick teenager gets the girl—
40 years later. love stories articles This persistent man started calling her the "No" Girl because of all her rejections. One rainy day, she finally said... Good thing she followed her mother's advice and sent a card! His snarky remark turned out to be the best thing anyone's ever said to me. Love Stories love stories articlesLove Stories love stories articles We recommend our users to update the browser. We often think of presidents and First Ladies as stodgy old men and women. But they too were once young,... The author’s grandmother wanted the world 
to see her husband not as an aging farmer with false teeth but exactly... The love of her sixth-grade life gave her a gift that melted her heart. Her distinctive nose cast a shadow on her confidence until wisdom intervened. But the couple is still married, 68 years later! Bill and Alice have been together for more than 50 years. I was shocked when I got return letters from all three of them. But one stood out to me more... It may feel like romance can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life, but these couples remind us that.. articles stories and other features .